OASIS now offers an extremely popular and innovative product
to our customers in the form of payroll services.

Payroll Services Outsourced with OASIS

Outsourcing payroll services for professionally contracted talent can save companies valuable resources in time and focus. Here are two examples how our services may benefit your company.

Payroll Services Example One

If a client has interviewed an individual that they think they want to hire but they would like to see how that person performs in the job before the company commits significant and costly company benefits and resources to that person, OASIS can take on all the upfront risk for the customer and:

  • Put the person on our payroll and pay them a rate determined by the client/company.
  • Pay the state and federal unemployment insurance on the person.
  • Provide payroll services and pay the person every two weeks for the hours worked that are approved by the client.

A client can determine how long or short they want to have the person payrolled through OASIS with no extra fees or added charges for shorter periods. Clients get the same low rates regardless of the length of the payroll services period.

Payroll Services Example Two

If a client knows of a person or multiple people they want to work for them on a temporary basis but have concerns that the the person is not set up to be an independent contractor/vendor (with all appropriate insurances, administrative support and office operations) OASIS can put that person on our payroll. We have the role of vendor to the client and provide all necessary insurances as well as payroll services to the temporary employee.  Companies can hire as many temporary/contract people they want and work with OASIS as a single vendor with a single invoice rather than working with many individuals and having to do many contracts/background checks, etc. and set them all up as individual vendors! We can be your single source!

Payroll services through OASIS can offer clients the following benefits:

  • Unbeatable rates for an extremely wide range of value added services!
  • Freedom from creating a new “vendor” or set up a new employee in your computer system since they will be on our payroll.
  • Freedom from establishing a contract with each contractor.
  • Assurance that proper liability insurance coverage is in place for the temporary employee since our policy covers them for you.
  • Company required drug screens and background checks prior to employment can be handled by us.
  • Efficiency through a single source for billing/invoices instead of multiple sources.

This program can be utilized with any type of temporary/contractor in any company department including, but not limited to the following:

  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Nursing
  • IT
  • Sales

We provide a 2-week guaranteed payroll cycle for contractors allowing for regular paychecks to entice top quality employees.

We can customize invoices to suit your Accounts Payable department’s needs including, but not limited to; frequency of invoicing, the method of invoicing (email, hardcopy, etc.) and documentation for invoices.

Our payroll service allows our clients to assess the quality of fit between a potential employee and a company without time-consuming paperwork, agency fees, and without committing valuable corporate resources and benefits during the period of evaluation.